Agenda Plus

As the front-runner provider of legislative management technology, SIRE Agenda Plus saves your organization time and money by archiving all of the details of important meetings so that they are instantaneously available for immediate action by all parties. This means fewer errors, less lag time due to poor information distribution, and a more knowledgeable team able to produce at a more informed level across the board.

Agenda Plus is an enterprise web-based, modular solution that allows city, county, state, town, village, and gubernatorial agencies the flexibility to meet legislative automation needs while meeting their budget. Its easy-to-use intuitive interface translates into instant user adoption because of short learning curves. Agenda Plus is built using .NET architecture, which means it easily integrates with legacy systems and 3rd party applications, and offers superior security, reliability, and ease of use.

Some of the ways in which Agenda Plus facilitates the entire legislative process include:

Agenda Preparation

  • Options. Agenda templates for different types of meetings.
  • Team-Driven. Items request submission workflow allowing other departments to electronically submit an agenda item (with attachments) for approval.
  • Portable. Copy or move agenda items to different meetings or to a different location of a current meeting.
  • Format-Driven. Customizable agenda formats.
  • Organized. Single click agenda roll ups.
  • Convenient. Single click agenda posting to the web.

Meeting Development

  • Accommodating. Multi-level or linear approval process workflow capabilities.
  • Flexible. View agenda during creation instead waiting until it is printed.
  • Inclusive. Attach staff reports, maps or other documents electronically.
  • Capable. Scan documents directly to your agenda.
  • Multitasking. Electronic agenda packet creation with ability to print agenda packets.
  • Portable. Email or download copies of agenda packets to CD with Agenda-To-Go.

Post-Meeting Activities

  • Easy. Single click technology of summaries, agendas with attachments, minutes and streaming video to the web.
  • Efficient. Google type searches of streaming video, agendas, minutes, voting logs, summaries and attachments using Full Text Search.
  • Useful. Customizable agenda and summary formats.
  • Timesaving. Automatically formats agenda and summaries in the correct format.


  • Agenda automation.
  • Supports item attachments.
  • Supports multi-level approval process.
  • Summary creation.
  • Optional streaming video and minutes taker.
  • Preset meeting types.
  • Meeting locator.
  • Compile and formatting tools.
  • Full text search of minutes, agendas, and summaries.
  • Workflow.
  • Modular design.
  • Enterprise solution.