Automated Workflow

Automation Workflow lets you manage and monitor business processes between individuals or departments. Workflow participants can create, review, and share documents right from their computers.

Automated Workflow lets you electronically route documents to multiple users at once allowing several tasks to be completed simultaneously. Work rules, action requirements, and document lifecycles are completely configurable. Because workflows can be reviewed in real-time and work rerouted automatically if not completed, bottlenecks are virtually eliminated. The result is a fully-automated process.

Benefits For You

  • Planned Processes
    Because processes are visually designed using Automated Workflow, problem areas can be identified that were previously undetected. Often customers streamline processes just by planning them in Automated Workflow.
  • Auditing and Tracking
    Workflow participants and managers can visually audit and track work right from Automated Workflow. This visibility encourages action and empowers the decision making process.
  • Accelerated Collection and Delivery
    Automated Workflow accelerates the collection of documents and data required to complete a task and subsequent transfer of deliverables.
  • Eliminated/Reduced Errors
    Review processes put in place using Automated Workflow can minimize data entry and other errors, and thereby reduce the costs associated with such errors.
  • Eliminated/Reduced Distribution Costs
    Paper processes rely largely on expensive devices such as photocopying and courier delivery. Automated Workflow eliminates these needs by routing documents electronically.
  • Increased Productivity
    With Automated Workflow more can be accomplished in less time which translates to faster cash flow and greater labor-to-productivity ratios.
  • Eliminated/Reduced Exposure
    Shuffling documents around an office leads to lost documents and risk exposure. Since documents are routed electronically, these security concerns are virtually eliminated.
  • Controlled Access
    Because workflows are based on security permissions, unwanted access to information is ensured.