Minutes Plus

The SIRE Minutes Plus solution is the next generation of electronic meeting minutes creation. City and county clerks can easily record roll call, speaker notes, motions, and votes with Minutes Plus. Users have the flexibility of recording a variety of motions and updating roll call on the fly through a single, simple interface. And when its time to start an executive or committee meeting in the middle of things, the “meeting within a meeting” functionality makes it easy to keep up with events without losing pace. Minutes are quickly published to the public website with a push of a button. Each agenda item is automatically linked to its supporting materials (if any) and linked to the video recording – allowing you to do more in less time. Internal users are able to find and view past meeting minutes and supporting materials, including audit trails, with an easy to use search engine. Constituents are able to find meeting minutes by topic through key word search on a public interface thereby creating a self-service portal for public requests.

Minutes Plus makes it easy on IT and AV staffs with its low maintenance design. It is entirely web-based and uses role-based user access rights management. It’s unique design allows Minutes Plus to quickly interact with Agenda Plus and Video Plus without the need for technical support. With all the components related to Minutes Plus being designed and supported by a single vendor, obtaining knowledgeable, US-based technical support is a snap.


  • Single simple interface.
  • Easily make ad-hoc changes.
  • Record roll call, motions, votes.
  • Meeting within a meeting capability.
  • Summary creation.
  • Compile and formatting tools.
  • Full text search of minutes, agendas, and summaries.
  • Fast and easy web publishing.
  • Controlled access.