Project Management/Work Orders

Job costing and work order management just got easier with our comprehensive Project Management/Work Order system. Facilitate accurate work orders, continuing property records and compliance with GASB. Easily estimate jobs and budget with the use of assembly units, labor, equipment time and overheads. In addition, perform soft and hard closes with the transfer of information into your continuing property records. It becomes a fully-integrated project management system by directly interfacing with other software modules.

Benefits For You

  • Accurately tracks detailed project costs instantly using cost centers.
  • Provides real-time cost analysis to immediately determine cost breakdown back to initial invoices and time sheets.
  • Creates and maintains accurate continuing property records by summarizing and posting installed and retired assemblies.
  • Allows easy project estimating by determining project costs instantly and creating a work order if the job is approved.
  • Facilitates GASB compliance by easily managing fixed assets, infrastructure and inventories.
  • Developed by governmental CPAs who know and understand your business.