Customer Web Portal

The Customer Web Portal is a secure, robust Internet-based application that offers utility bill payment, account review, inquiry features and service request forms. It provides enhanced customer service by offering easier access to customer and utility information 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. Working in conjunction with Utility Billing, it creates a seamless, integrated site by reducing administrative and processing time.

Benefits For You

  • Has the ability to stand alone or be used with an existing website.
  • Allows viewing using all major Internet browsers.
  • Provides full customization using your forms, logo and site links.
  • Incorporates full security; no live connection between the portal and your utility’s billing system.
  • Provides complete customer protection; customer accounts are password-protected and credit card numbers are fully-encrypted.
  • Allows add-on modules for future site expansion as additional needs arise.
  • Developed by governmental CPAs who know and understand your business.