Electronic Document Management

An Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) lets you store paper and electronic documents, while handling all other aspects of document management such as searching, viewing, distributing, records management and workflow. Other document management solutions offer similar features in separate modules that cost more. Because our EDMS is a true enterprise solution, it works with a single department or an entire organization. That means it will grow with you, giving you the features you want today with the features you will want tomorrow.

Benefits For You

  • Document Portability
    You couldn’t possibly take your file cabinets on the road, although you may have wanted to. So export your documents to CD-ROM using EDMS. You won’t need a moving van-just a CD case.
  • Increased Productivity
    EDMS helps you work more efficiently. You can complete document-related tasks quickly and manage multiple tasks easily. You simply accomplish more because you have more time.
  • Improved Communication
    If you think about it, the major activity in your office is communicating information through reports, contracts, schedules, and so on. But it takes time to copy and deliver all these documents. EDMS improves communication by letting you distribute documents to multiple users in less time than it takes to photocopy one five-page memo.
  • Reduced Physical Storage Space
    Once you store your paper documents electronically, you can discard them or move them off-site. If you need copies, just print or email them right from EDMS. With the file cabinets gone, you’ll have room to grow.
  • No Lost Files
    Research shows the average worker spends 150 hours per year looking for misplaced or lost information. Some estimates translate those hours into a cost of more than $120 per document. But with EDMS you can never loose or misplace your electronically-stored documents.
  • Flexible Document Security
    Controlling access to sensitive information can be a challenge-but not with EDMS. You control document options like adding, viewing, or printing for each user or group. If users don’t have access to documents, they won’t even know the documents exist.
  • Fast, Complete, and Secure Backups
    By storing all your electronic documents in one or more central databases, you can back-up your data quickly and completely. You’ll have the reassurance that you can retrieve your vital information safely.
  • Minimized Liability
    Companies are responsible for safeguarding their records. EDMS virtually eliminates any liability by helping you control access to sensitive data and protect vital records against disaster.