Civic Systems has implemented many large document imaging systems and an implementation plan is specifically devised for each customer with the following objectives:

  • Choosing the Best Solution
  • Developing Implementation Schedule
  • Agreeing on Resource Allocation
  • Site Planning
  • Delivery and Installation
  • System Acceptance

Choosing the Best Solution for Your Needs

When you choose Civic Systems to provide your IDM solution, one of the first things we will do is arrange a kick-off meeting with you, our new customer. The meeting is attended by your Civic Systems’ project manager and other Civic Systems personnel appointed to your project team. All of your key personnel involved in the implementation of the system will also be present.

The primary objective of this meeting is to discuss every alternative available for your consideration, and the specific solution to be implemented.

Developing the Implementation Schedule

The second objective of our kick-off meeting will be to confirm the agreed schedule and its details. At this meeting, information required by each party from the other is discussed and an agreement reached as to when each party will provide this information in accordance with the schedule.

Subsequent to the meeting, a more detailed schedule is prepared by Civic Systems, one which is discussed and monitored at progress meetings which are held once a week. These meetings take place at our customer’s office(s) or via conference call as appropriate.

Prior to each meeting, your Civic Systems project manager issues a progress report covering the schedule dates planned and achieved. The report covers the progress made in relation to the software as well as materials ordered, received and delivered. The schedule is a “living document” designed to resolve problems before they impact the schedule.

Agreeing on Resource Allocation

Based on the agreed schedule, Civic Systems prepares a procurement and personnel plan to ensure that all components of your system are available on time to meet the required dates. The plan allows time for materials to arrive, after which inspections and tests are conducted on the equipment in accordance with Civic Systems’ specific QA plan prepared for your project. Careful planning helps to identify necessary modifications and enhancements to your software.

Site Planning

Following contract execution, Civic Systems staff will visit the site with our customer to determine detailed site preparation requirements. Items to be addressed include:

  • Adequacy of electrical service to site
  • Placement of hardware at the site
  • Control of noise levels (acoustic modifications)
  • Cabling of hardware

Civic Systems staff will use information gathered during our visit to prepare a site preparation plan. The plan will detail the many activities to be completed to make the site ready for system installation. The plan will specify activities to be carried out by Civic Systems and our customer’s staff.

Delivery and Installation

Civic Systems staff will review the hardware schedule with our customer’s staff. The purpose of the review is to make sure we maximize the use of existing hardware. Hardware will be ordered,
delivered, configured and tested at our customer’s location. After sufficient testing and configuration, your Civic Systems project manager will sign-off on the system.

Civic Systems staff will test each piece of hardware within the system to make sure it is processing system commands properly. Civic Systems staff will test the various software modules on the hardware, and review programs files to ensure that all application programs are installed correctly.

Then, Civic Systems staff will load approximately 100 sample documents into the system. These files will be used by Civic Systems staff to test both the hardware devices and the various features of the Civic Systems system. Civic Systems staff will perform a complete system test of both the hardware and software before beginning system training.

System Acceptance

Our Civic Systems staff will develop a structured plan for testing the entire system for our customer. It will identify critical system functions to be tested repeatedly and will include the specific tests to be conducted. This function will be carried-out under the direction of your project manager.

Following installation of the hardware and software and testing of the system, Civic Systems will submit the entire system for acceptance testing by our customer. The test will determine that the system, the hardware and software, meet all agreed-on functional, security and performance requirements. The test also ensures that the documentation and operational procedures are complete and accurate.