Records Management

Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA legislation support but complicate how we maintain records. Our Records Management system helps you securely store, retrieve, and dispose of records in compliance with these and other federal laws. Today’s world demands effective records management on all levels. Employees need fast access to data to stay productive and competitive. Business and government customers want easier access to information without long delays. In fact, how well you deliver information is quickly becoming a key factor in providing good customer service.

Benefits For You

  • Fast and Portable Accessibility
    Records Management offers fast retrieval of documents from your desktop or any Internet-ready PC. Internal and external customers can access information anywhere, anytime.
  • Storage
    Records Management makes storage of documents easy whether you are migrating existing electronic files or imaging paper documents. You can view documents in over 250 file formats without using their native software. And, with batch scanning, auto-indexing, and barcode recognition, you’ll take record storage to a whole new level.
  • Reduced Physical Storage Space
    Once you store your paper documents electronically, you can discard them or move them off-site. If you need copies, just print or email them right from Records Management. With the file cabinets gone, you’ll have room to grow.
  • No Lost Files
    Research shows the average worker spends 150 hours per year looking for misplaced or lost information. Some estimates translate those hours into a cost of more than $120 per document. But with Records Management you can never loose or misplace your electronically-stored documents.
  • Disaster and Access Security
    Electronic documents stored in Records Management are virtually impossible to destroy and can easily be moved or backed-up. What’s more is user-specific permissions control access to documents making Records Management your best defense for disaster and unwanted access.
  • Guaranteed Authenticity
    In Records Management, making revisions to a document never changes the original. So you can be sure your documents are always authentic.
  • Long-Term Integrity
    You want high-quality electronic documents that won’t degrade before you no longer need them. With Records Management the integrity of your records will always be intact.