Video Plus

Sire’s Video Plus makes it easy for state and local government to broadcast meetings and other public events via the Internet and is compliant with IE7, Mozilla and Firefox. This allows constituents to access their government 24/7 with nothing more than a computer and Internet access. Video Plus allows government to easily stream meetings as they happen or to record them and publish to the web together with the meeting minutes, supporting materials and the meeting agenda if desired – all in a searchable format. When combined with Minutes Plus, constituents are able to quickly locate recorded meeting segments through key word searches – eliminating the need to fast forward through hours of video. Video Plus allows clients to set user access rights, organize their media library as they see fit by specific criteria, and a configurable web template that easily fit into your existing website. Both local and offsite hosting of web content is available.

Its design makes it virtually self sufficient and easy to maintain. Video Plus requires less hardware than its competition by eliminating the need for a media vault. This eliminates costly hardware and ties the server directly into the media encoder for more reliable connections. Video Plus also provides the ability to record video to both your site as well as the Sire co-locate, thereby eliminating the need to download the video if no trimming is performed. The Video Plus architecture provides higher resolution, less grainy video without increasing the file size. Resolution can be further improved for copying video to CD.

Of course, Video Plus is platform independent and provides better security than the competition by working with most common security / virus protection software. It supports Multicast Broadcasting and allows you to limit the video stream as low as 128k, if needed.


  • Live or delayed streaming.
  • Video linked to agenda items, minutes and supporting materials.
  • Jump to feature.
  • 24/7 access.
  • Customizable web interface.
  • Local or offsite hosting.
  • Secure backup.
  • IE7 and Mozilla Firefox Compatible.